Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Battle for the Bells: Arkansas Super-Prestige

This fall and winter brings the inaugural season of the Arkansas Super-Prestige cyclocross points series.  The ASP connects Fayetteville to Little Rock to Jonesboro to Memphis, and runs from mid-October through early 2012.
Photo: Rob Karman
How do you know where and when to race?  Easy, just bookmark this web site and look down the right-hand column.  You'll also find official series rules, results, point tallies, photographs, and videos, updated on an ongoing basis.

Want to ask questions, gossip, or talk smack?  Go to the Arkansas Super-Prestige wall on Facebook.

You can find a link to the series rules off to the right, but here are the basics:

Racing classes
Masters (40+)
Juniors (18-)
Fours (USAC cyclocross cat 4)

Engraved Moen cheering bells (click on above photo for close-up) three deep in each class.

Points schedule
1st to 9th places earn 20, 17, 14, 11, 9, 7, 5, 3, and 2 points, respectively.  10th place and lower earn 1 point.  DNF or DNS earns 0 points.  The Open class earns double points.

Drop races
Each individual gets two drop races.  In other words, year-end points total is based on nine best races.

Team competition
A perpetual team trophy will be awarded.  Bragging rights for the shop.

There's a little over a month before the series opener in Fayetteville.  A week later, we have an exciting weekend of racing and general bike-itude planned in Little Rock.

Fall is coming.  Be prepared!

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