Friday, December 20, 2013

Series Wrap-Up

It was another great year of cyclocross racing.  Last Sunday, we handed out series awards and checks at the Arkansas State Championships, thanks to our wonderful and generous sponsor, The Dillon Group.

Junior (10-18)
1. Dub Sorrells (Victory Bicycle)
2. Will Drummond (De Pijp)
3. Alex Moats (Carr's Chain Reaction)

Men cat 4
1. Cole Tininenko (Simplex Q)
2. Caleb Pierce (Arkansas Cycling & Fitness)
3. Ben Yates (De Pijp) / Peter Nierengarten (Team Arkadelphia)

Men cat 5
1. Mike Levitsky (De Pijp)
2. Will Shelton (The Community Bicyclist)
3. Richard Hold (Dickson Street)

Masters (40+)
1. Kirk Grynwald (Don Walker Cycles)
2. Vince Booth (The Community Bicyclist)
3. Keith Williams (The Community Bicyclist)

1. Gerald Drummond (De Pijp)
2. Kirk Grynwald (Don Walker Cycles)
3. Chad Cragle (Arkansas Cycling & Fitness)
4. Stephen Erickson (The Community Bicyclist)
5. Jake Schneidewind (Fayetteville Wheelmen)
6. Scott Walnofer (Snapple)

Women cat 1/2/3
1. Heather Ladd (The Community Bicyclist)
2. Andrea Wilson (Brickhouse Racing)
3. Tammy Hottinger (Spokes)

Women cat 4
1. Annie Drummond (De Pijp)
2. Keshari Thakali (CARVE)
3. Emily Brown (U.S. Military)

Some great photos from States:

And another excellent write-up from Arkansas Outside:

Footage from Sporza:

We will see you in 2014, and hope you have a wonderful (and restful) holiday season.  But don't get toooooo comfy, because...

Fall is coming!  Be prepared!

Monday, December 16, 2013


States recap

1) Snow
2) Ice
3) Sun
4) Mud

De Pijp found themselves a great venue in Rogers and put on a States to remember.  It was a fantastic day.  Still trying to dig out from the dirty laundry.  Photos and results to arrive shortly.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Be prepared

The photos below were taken on Wednesday morning at Veteran's Park in Rogers.  Will there be any snow left on Sunday?  The forecast currently calls for partly cloudy skies and temps rising from an overnight low of 20°F to an afternoon high of 40°F.

Be prepared for anything.

Points are updated

Please please please check the series roster and points tallies for any errors or discrepancies.  We're handing out medals and cash on Sunday at the Arkansas State Championships.

It's STATES, people!  Jerseys on the line!  Get you some!

presented by The Dillon Group Custom Homes

Monday, December 9, 2013

'Twas brung

Photo courtesy Cooper Drummond
When the going got tough, Phat Tire did not flinch.  Nor did a dedicated crew of hardy individuals, braving the cold and less than ideal conditions.  The race got a great write-up in the Dem-Gaz.

States is up next.  It's also the final race of the Arkansas Super-Prestige.  This is it, folks.

presented by The Dillon Group Custom Homes

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter weather

We're all set for Sunday guys! I marked the course today and it looks like a lot of fun. Hope to see you guys there.

Looks like a snowy one!  Get you some!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013