Sunday, August 16, 2015

2015 Calendar

The new season is rapidly approaching. Time to get the tires glued up and the intensity training going!

Skills and drills sessions are being established in Little Rock and already are set in NWA!  In both cases they will likely start in late August or early September.  This is a great way to learn about the sport, try it out, ask questions; as well as to stay in shape, get a good workout once a week.

ASPS events: 
11 October       Jones Center Cross Race                   Jones Center, Springdale
24 October       CARVE Night Race                        Interstate Park, Little Rock
7 November     Western Hills ASPS Race               Western Hills Park, Little Rock
8 November     Western Hills Open (non-series)     Western Hills Park, Little Rock
29 November   Turkey Burn                                     Boyle Park, Little Rock
12 December    Diamond State Grand Prix, day 1   North Shore Park, Fayetteville
13 December    Diamond State Grand Prix, day 2   North Shore Park, Fayetteville

This calendar compliments some surrounding events, allowing both good attendance at local events as well as good Arkansas representation at out-of-state races.