Friday, April 27, 2012

It's been too long...

...since I've posted here.

Things I'm sort of meh about:
1. The new disc brake CX bikes
2. CX at Sea Otter
3. Sven Nys being all coy about whether he'll race Worlds in Louisville

Things I'm totally stoked on:
1. Riding the mountain bike
2. Riding the road bike
3. Our mild spring

Just a reminder, things are slowly percolating toward this fall's CX season.  We've got some dates lined up (look to your right) and the series calendar and rules and prizes are all shaping up.

You don't need a cross bike to race cross...but now's a good time to shop for a cross bike, when people are still trying to fund their summer bike stuff by selling off cross stuff.

One more thing I'm stoked on is this photo of Merckx racing CX.  [He didn't need a cross bike; just slapped some knobbies on his road bike.  These days you're lucky if you can squeeze 27mm slicks under your road bike.]
Photo: @peterbsully