Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Rules

You can read the complete set of 2013 Arkansas Super-Prestige cyclocross point series rules HERE but here's an overview:

Ten events.  Seven racing classes.  Mountain bikes welcome: Run what you brung.

The racing classes are:
Men cat 4
Men cat 5
Women cat 1/2/3
Women cat 4
Masters 40+
Junior 10-18

Cat means your USA Cycling cyclocross racing category. It's right there on your license, next to CX.

WHAT, NO LICENSE?  You can purchase a one-day license on the day of the race for $10 and race with Men cat 5 or Women cat 4.  A modest fee for the experience of a lifetime.

*Note: Cat 5 and one-day licensees are not guaranteed entry in the Open race.  At some events, the Open race may be restricted to cats 1 through 4.

Most events will be on Sunday and follow this schedule:
10:00am Women 123, Masters, Men 4 (45 min)
11:15am Men 5, Women 4, Junior 10-18 (35 min)
12:30pm Open* (55 min)

Saturday events will typically run later in the day.

USA Cycling rules (§4E):
[T]he number of laps to be ridden shall be determined on the basis of the time of the first rider to complete 2 full laps. From the 3rd lap on, the laps to go will be displayed at the finish line.

Lapped riders will not be pulled.  Per the rules, lapped riders finish on the same lap as the leader, and are placed according to the number of laps down and then on their order of finish.  If you get lapped, you might have one less lap to go than you thought.  When in doubt, check with the official at the finish line.

Points are earned based on placings.  10 points for first place, 9 for second, on down to 1 point for tenth place and lower.  The Open class is special and earns double that, except just 1 point for eleventh place and lower.

Season point totals are based on the best 8 out of 10 races for each racer.  In other words, two "drop" races.

Series awards will be presented immediately following the State Championship race on December 15.  Three deep for all racing classes except Open which goes five deep.  Engraved 2.75" medals for all classes and a cash purse totaling $1200 split among Open and Women 1/2/3.

Best Team gets custody of the Arkansas Cyclo-Cross Cup for a year, with the year and team name engraved on the back.

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