Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Joe gets it atmo

In case you hadn't seen it already:
Why We Suffer

Cedarglades Cyclocross and Attila the Hun race director Bill James would like to point out that Catharine's Landing still has cottages and yurts available for bookings this upcoming weekend.

A couple points of clarification.  Your USAC category for Saturday's cyclocross race is based on your cyclocross (CX) category, not on your cross-country (XC) category.  Your CX cat is right there on your USAC license, on the same line as your observed trials, downhill, dual slalom, and 4X cats.  If you don't have an annual USAC license, you can buy a one-day license on the day of the race, and you are automatically considered a male cat 5 or female cat 4.  Yes, it's all a bit confusing and crazy but that's bike racing for you.

If you are 40+ years old, you are also welcome to race with the Masters.  And everyone can race the Open race, but you do so at your own peril.  Those dudes will ride you into the tape just for fun!

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