Monday, October 24, 2011

Night Race podium photos

Whatta night!  A speedy, tricky course, a party at the barriers, and Boogie Bones rocking the joint!  It was truly an exemplary event.

Below are podium photos.  For a whole bunch more, visit the Arkansas Super-Prestige page on Facebook.

Google Docs seems to be taking a nap, but we'll get full results up shortly.  In all the excitement, the women's podium (Wilson, Ladd, Thakali) photo slipped through the cracks, but we want to give them their propers.

Thanks again to Trevor Edwards and Arkansas Cycling and Fitness!
Costume contest winner, Michele Zamponi
Masters 40+
Griesse (1), Thiebault (2), Thompson (3, not pictured)
Juniors: Paoli (2), LaVergne (1)
C race: Bahler (2), Williams (1), Plaster (3)
Open: Upchurch (2), Walnofer (1), Erickson (3)

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