Thursday, October 13, 2011

As simple as ABC

The Arkansas Bicycle Club (ABC) is co-sponsoring all five of the 2011/12 cyclocross races taking place in Little Rock.  Trevor and I are club members, though not nearly as active as we'd like to be, so tonight we trekked out to American Pie in Maumelle to attend the monthly meeting.
We got there just as food was getting served, right before the meeting started.  President Jim Britt asked us to give a short description of the cross races, for the benefit of members who might not be as familiar with the sport, and then fielded a good number of questions.

Britt then gave a recap of the club's Arky 100 century ride, which took place last Sunday and was hugely successful and fun.  Except for the guy who broke his wrist, I guess....which provided a nice segue to Tom Ezell's slightly stomach-turning talk on first aid for cyclists.  With loads of photos of injured cyclists, it was a very informative and, erm, colorful presentation.

We left the meeting a little early so that we wouldn't get home too late.  The nighttime view of Two Rivers Bridge from BDB is really something, and I highly recommend it.

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