Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Keep Little Rock Beautiful this Saturday at Western Hills!

This is a great way to earn yourself some trail karma.  Fantastic plans for putting in trails, world-class frolf course, etc.  See some details in the press release below, come out to Western Hills on Saturday, and wave the Central Arkansas Trail Alliance (CATA) banner.

Fifth Annual Citywide Cleanup in Little Rock Set for March 8
Citywide effort promotes litter pickup, community improvement

Keep Little Rock Beautiful (KLRB), a certified local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, will host its fifth annual Citywide Cleanup Saturday,  March 8, to promote litter pickup, recycling, beautification and community improvement in the capital city.

The 2014 Citywide Cleanup will kick off at Western Hills Park (5207 Western Hills Avenue) in the historic Western Hills Neighborhood in Little Rock at 8 a.m. on March 8. Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola will issue a proclamation about the citywide cleanup and highlight the work of the Western Hills Neighborhood Association volunteers, who continue to lead successful cleanup initiatives in the neighborhood. There will also be a recycling trailer available at Western Hills Park during the Cleanup for volunteers to recycle plastic, aluminum and glass to help raise awareness about the recycling services offered by the City of Little Rock.

KLRB has chosen to host the Citywide Cleanup kickoff at Western Hills Park to celebrate the great strides that are being made to develop this large area in a way that maintains its natural beauty, while also offering state-of-the-art amenities and activities.

“Throughout this development process, we have received tremendous encouragement from neighborhood and city residents to preserve, protect and promote the natural beauty of the Western Hills Park area,” said Norm Berner, KLRB Board Member and Public Affairs Coordinator for the adjacent Meadowcliff/Brookwood Neighborhood Association. “Folks don't want to see the land bulldozed to build ball fields, soccer fields, or buildings with parking lots, or destroy the wonderful trees. Having all of this natural beauty and open space in just about the center of our city is quite unique and one of the best kept secrets around.”

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