Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tubeless experiment, part 2

Short little update to the tubeless experiment.

The dreaded burp has not been a problem (knock on wood). But I did manage to pinch-flat this morning, bottoming out on a stream crossing at 35psi. The sealant did its darndest, but no dice. The only time I've pinch-flatted a tubular was on a similar deal. (Now I get to test Hutchinson's tubeless repair kit.)

I really like the Mud 2 as an all-around tire. Great grip, rolls pretty nice on pavement. I haven't tested it in real slop yet.

Bottom line: There is no single fool-proof tire setup. And the Natural State is rough on tires.

P.S. We welcome Leborne Coaching as the final co-sponsor of the 2012 Arkansas Super-Prestige. They can help you get ready for cross season!
P.P.S. We're sorry that you get an error message if you don't type "www." before "". The cross monkeys are working on it.

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