Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick note about Outdoors Inc race

The Outdoors Inc race is a fantastic event with a lot of history.  We're excited that they've agreed to be part of the Arkansas Super-Prestige series.

The set-up of categories in the Outdoors Inc race is slightly different than the ASP.  So if you want your Outdoors Inc results to count toward the series, this is what you do:

ASP Women: Sign up for your appropriate women's category in the B race.  All women, regardless of category, will earn points in the ASP Women's class, based on finish order among women.
ASP Juniors: Sign up for the Juniors 15-18 category in the B race.
ASP Fours: Sign up for the CX4 category in the B race.
ASP Masters: Sign up for the appropriate masters category in the A race. Masters racers 40 and older will earn points for ASP Masters.
ASP Open: Sign up for the appropriate category in the A race. Per ASP rules, all participants in the A race, masters or otherwise, will earn points in the ASP Open class, based on overall finish order.

Here's the catch: Non-Masters cat 4 racers are not allowed in the A race.  If you fit this description, and you want to race the A race, I would highly recommend seeking an upgrade, via, as soon as possible.


  1. Is that because the B Masters race is considered for beginners Masters?

  2. Cliff, that's correct. If you want your results to earn ASP Masters points, you have to compete in the A race in one of the masters categories. If you'd rather do the B race, you wouldn't earn any ASP Masters points, but you'd still hold onto your ASP points earned in any past (and future) races.

    Regardless of what category you choose to race, it's a great event and I highly recommend it.