Monday, January 10, 2011

Boyle Park cyclocross race in less than a week!

From this morning's Democrat-Gazette
Cross returns to Little Rock! Beat away those mid-winter blues with some bike wrestling at Boyle Park; the New Year Barrier CX Race takes place next Sunday.

ArkansasCyclocross previewed the course on Saturday, and Trevor has put together another great course, this time at Boyle Park in the heart of Little Rock.  Be prepared for some vertical gain.  If you weren't at the Turkey Burn, this is your chance to enjoy some tough, fun, grass-roots cross racing.  There will be a beginner's clinic, a kid's race, and a big fire burning at the pavilion, so bring the whole gang!

As a reminder, here's the Turkey Burn coverage courtesy of Bully Otter Sports.  [If you don't want to watch a couple slightly embarrassed guys blathering on about how fantastically great cyclocross is, you can pause at three-and-a-half minutes.]

Arkansas Cyclocross Series: Episode 5 from Bully Otter Sports on Vimeo.

If you've gotten this far and are still reading, be aware that there are some exciting developments in the works for the 2011/12 cross season. Even if you aren't yet ready to jump into a race, drop by Boyle and see if cross might be your thing. It could give you some motivation to keep you riding through those long, hot, humid days of summer.

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