Monday, November 29, 2010

It was brung.

Oh yes.  It was a fun day of hard racing at Kanis Park, in the heart of Little Rock.  The deafening echo of yelling and cowbells as a pack of harriers made their way through the double-sandpit under the I-630 was...most excellent.  The course was a leg-wrecker.  Recovery came in all-too-brief snatches, with the vast majority of time spent on the gas pedal.  Ease off, and watch your friend ride away from you.

Conditions: Crisp and clear.  The recent rains made the grass soft and sticky.  A couple of tricky leaf-strewn corners took victims.  The course had a little bit of everything, grass, gravel, pavement, some off-camber, some on-camber, and the aforementioned sand-pit that more than made up for the lack of vertical gain.  Meanwhile, a motley crew of the fraternal, familial, and merely curious enjoyed the great weather, with pizza and potables provided by Vino's.

I managed to grab a couple of frames, but there will be more---still and moving---arriving in the next couple of days.

EDIT: My original post didn't give nearly enough credit to Trevor Edwards, who almost singlehandedly envisioned and realized this event.  He had a great idea, and made it happen.

P.S. Arkansas State Championships are less than a week away.